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-Save time and Energy with our new modern instant electric kettle

-In less than a minute boil water for your favorite hot Beverage

-1.5 liters/ 5 cups capacity


Bring the heat in under a minute with our kettle’s quick and easy 50-second boil feature. This counter-top essential holds 5 cups/1.5 liters to serve regular tea and coffee drinkers with all-day oomph. It dispenses 1 cup at a time and is perfect for standard mug size. In true Quiseen style, it’s both efficient and practical. Easy, intuitive 1-touch operation saves time and energy, while an illuminated water tank highlights the sleek modern design. 

The Quiseen Instant Hot Water Kettle offers boiling hot water at the touch of a button to deliver delicious hot drinks in an instant. It's innovative design means you only boil one cup at a time saving time, money and energy.

1.5 litre illuminating water tank
Boiled water at the touch of a button
Easy to fill water tank works just like a kettle
Save on spills with the detachable drip tray
Boiling water in an instant

The Quiseen Instant Hot Water Kettle is designed to boil a cup of water in a matter of seconds, meaning great hot drinks at the touch of a button. It dispenses a 250 millilitre (ml) or 8.5 ounce cup of boiling water--the equivalent of a standard drinking mug--and will dispense up to five cups without refilling--perfect for families or small offices.

The innovative technology ensures that water is only dispensed once it has reached boiling point, not simply very warm, but 100 degrees Celsius, making perfect hot drinks every time. In addition, the smooth and continuous flow of water keeps any splashing to a minimum.

By only boiling enough water for the number of cups you need, the Quiseen Kettle is energy efficient. There's no boiled water going to waste and it helps you save pennies on electricity bills.

Easy to use and easy to clean

The Quiseen Instant Hot Water Kettle features a fast boil concealed element which delivers maximum efficiency and keeps the water tank easy to clean. The 1.5 litre (l) capacity water tank is also easy to fill thanks to its lid release button. Press the button down to open and then fill the water tank with fresh, cold water just like you would a kettle.

The extra-large rear water window helps you accurately fill the water tank and once filled, you can place the it back on the base facing any angle as it's 360 degree (°) rotational. This means you don't have to line it up in a certain place to function.

Illumination on boil gives a blue hue

When activated, the tank illuminates to give a stylish blue glow to your kitchen. This modern design makes the Quiseen Instant Hot Water Kettle a sophisticated addition to your kitchen worktop. And it continues to look good even when not in use thanks to its gloss black finish with smart stainless steel trim.

Mess is kept to a minimum as the drip tray at the base of the unit collects all stray spillages. It's easily removable for cleaning and is dishwasher safe. Also doing its bit to help keep your kitchen workspace tidy is the cord storage. This coils loose and unused cord under the base of the unit so that it's not swamping your kitchen and taking up unwanted space and the base itself is non- slip so you don't have to worry about it slipping on your work surface.

NOTE: The boiling and dispensing method does create a different noise to that of a kettle

Box Contains

  • 1 x Quiseen Instant Hot Water Kettle with Variable Dispense
  • 1 x Drip tray
  • 1 x Instruction booklet

Quiseen Instant Hot Water Kettle

  • 784672814508 

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